This Is What Happened When An Intern Was Caught Napping On His First Day At Work

by Chloe
Oct 11, 2018 发布于 9:19 AM
类别: 工作秘笈

Wake up! It's your first day of internship! Put on your best suit, give your best shot and try to impress all colleagues with your 'can-do' attitude! You must be super excited to start the internship and try not to fall asleep during work, right? 

It's a different story for this one intern who started his internship with a tech start-up company, which is thought to be in the US. He was caught napping during work and seemed like his colleagues had a sense of humour by taking this hilarious picture featuring all the colleagues laughing at him and post it online. The picture's getting viral as shared by thousands of people and they even launched a "photoshopwar", where people made their own version of the original photo in a funny way. Let the battle begin! 


Oh, is working life too tiring for you, young man?

This is the original photo where the intern was caught having an afternoon snooze at work.


Even Nicholas Cage approves the photo


That face when you're about to get knocked down


Wait did you superimposed my face? This is not cool, guys


I got the He-Man power! The 80s icon


When is the premiere of this new exciting movie?


I made it for The Oscars Red Carpet with a bunch of cool people


This is how you enjoy crowdsurfing at its best


New character perhaps in The Simpson?


Elton John singings "Bennie& The Jets" 

Good news is the intern did not lose his job. Well good for him then. This guy became a new famous meme and has lit up the internet. With thousands of shares on Reddit I bet he didn't regret sleeping on his first day at work. But guys, don't dare to copy him or you'll be in trouble!


*Source: Mail Online