The Trick To Closing Sales!

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by David Blog
Aug 23, 2019 发布于 2:46 PM


Hey guys! Are you in the sales line? Can't hit your target? Well here's some things to bear in mind for your next presentations to help seal the deal!


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  1. Understanding Your Customer

  • Regardless of what you are selling, the most important part of the deal is understanding the needs of your customer and figuring out how to meet them.

  • In most cases, a salesperson who focuses on customer service and how a product is able to meet their customer’s needs and wants will be much more successful than a salesperson who focuses on the product itself!

  • For example, if your product is insurance, and you have customer A and B.

    • A is unmarried without children and B is a family man, how do you sell them the same product?

    • To A, his problem is that there is nobody to take care of him in his old age, insurance money would help him survive when he is retired and too weak to work. 

    • To B, insurance money is there to ensure his children and wife’s safety in case anything happens to him.

    • Thus a same product, but VERY different purpose and outcome due to the customers needs. 

    • Always know your customer first.


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  1. Understanding Your Market

  • Before you are able to meet the needs of your customer and change your sales pitch to target them as effectively as possible, you first need to know as much as you can about the person you are selling to!

  • Sometimes you need to do research on a specific client if you are making a major sales pitch. 

  • Other times, when you are selling directly to customers, try to fact find. Talk to them first and gauge out what their wants and needs are, and slowly understand how to tailor the product to their needs!

  • Either way, knowing as much as possible about who you are selling to before you even begin your sales pitch is essential if you want to be as effective as possible.


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  1. Sell Yourself

  • Whether you are cold calling or have spoken before, it is important to keep in mind that before a person is going to be willing to give their money to you, they got to like you, the salesperson, as much as they like the product you are selling.

  • When you are making a sales pitch, take some time to get to know your customers, and let them get to know you. In the sales line, this is called rapport building and fact finding!

  • Tell them a story, relate to their life, make them laugh and overall simply let your personality be a big factor in their decision to buy the product. This is how you also convert one-off customers into long term clients.

  • If you can make your customer see you as a person and even better as a friend, rather than someone who is trying to sell something to them, they will be more inclined to buy something from you!


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  1. Ask Questions

  • Closing a deal is basically having a conversation with the person you are selling to, and one of the most important parts of that conversations is the questions that you ask.

  • Asking your customer questions and actually listening to their answers is valuable in a few different ways.

  • For one, it lets you figure out more about the person you are selling to, their needs and desires, and what they are looking for in a product.

  • Just as importantly, though, asking questions is an effective sales technique because people like to talk about themselves.

  • This goes back to making the person you are selling to like you.

  • When you show true interest in them and give them an opportunity to talk about their favourite topic, themselves, they will enjoy the conversation more, and therefore much more likely to buy something from you in the end.



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  1. Don’t Sell. Help.

  • People you are selling to need to see you as someone who is helping them solve a problem through the product that you are offering.

  • Keep in mind that one of the main things that lead people to buy a new product is that they are dealing with an issue that they hope your product can solve.

  • It is your job, therefore, make sure that you are as helpful as possible.

  • When you are genuinely trying to help, your sales pitch will be much more successful!



With these tips, I hope you guys can hit target and earn your commission, good luck and happy selling!