How To Chill Out At Work While Being More Efficient!

David Blog
by David Blog
Aug 22, 2019 发布于 5:40 PM

Hey guys, been stressed out at work recently? You know that isn’t good for your mental health right? Well, heres 5 ways of dealing with it so you can have breezier days at the office!


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  1. Start your day right

  • After waking up and getting ready, preparing breakfast and packing lunch, driving to work and stuck in KL traffic, getting angry at those motorcyclist and arriving at work to drink coffee, many people are already stressed before work even begins.

  • If you’re already stressed before work, you are more reactive to stress during your working hours.

  • Therefore, start your day with proper planning the night before, keep a positive attitude and you will find the stress of the workplace not as heavy as usual!



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  1. Stay away from conflict

  • Because interpersonal conflict takes a toll on your physical and emotional health, and because conflict among co-workers is so difficult to escape, it is a good idea to avoid conflict at work as much as possible.

  • Stay away from the work drama, gossip and don’t share too many of your personal opinions about religion and politics.

  • Try to avoid those people at work who don’t work well with others.

  • Sometimes conflict is inevitable, and if it happens, you should learn how to deal with it professionally, maturely and appropriately.



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  1. Stay organized

  • A factor that contributes to burning out at work is unclear requirements.

  • If you don’t know exactly what is expected of you for the day or week, or if the requirements keep changing, you may find yourself much more stressed than normal.

  • If you find yourself falling into the loop of never knowing if what you are doing is enough, talk to your supervisor!

  • Go over your expectations and strategies for meeting these requirements

  • This can relieve stress for the both of you!


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  1. Be comfortable

  • Another aspect of stress is actually physical discomfort.

  • You may not notice the stress you experience when you are in an uncomfortable chair for a few minutes, but if you sit in it for hours, your back will hurt and you will be more reactive to stress due to discomfort.

  • Even small things like office noise can be distracting and cause mild discomfort.

  • Do what you can to ensure that you are working in a quiet, safe and comfortable environment, it will greatly help to reduce your stress levels!



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  1. Forget Multitasking

  • Multitasking was once thought as a fantastic way to maximize one’s time and efficiency in a day.

  • But now people are realizing that when they have a phone in one hand and a calculator in the other, their speed and accuracy suffered along with their stress levels. 

  • There is a certain kind of uncomfortable feeling that comes from splitting your focus too much and it does not work well for most people.

  • Thus instead of multitasking, do one task at a time efficiently before moving on to the next to improve productivity and reduce stress!


Keep your sanity and stress levels in check with these tips in mind, and have great relaxing working days ahead of you!