Traits Successful People Have, And How You Can Have Them Too!

David Blog
by David Blog
Aug 21, 2019 发布于 4:42 PM

Hey guys, you ever seen a Bentley, a Maserati or even a BMW drive-by, park in front of you and then a young person come out. Then you start to wonder “How’d they get the money/ What do they do for work?/ How is their life like?” Well, most extremely successful people have habits and personality traits in common and you can develop them too. Traits such as...

  1. 80/20 Rule

  • Because of your high responsibility everyday, you should have an 80/20 rule.

  • The rule is basically spending 80% of your time on important things and 20% of your time on things that are less important.

  • For example, studying and learning, building your business, executing ways of increasing your income comes in the 80%, whereas things like washing your car, getting a haircut etc is in the 20%!




  1. Prepare For Each Day

  • As mentioned in previous articles, you should plan and prepare for each day.

  • Make a to-do list and from most important tasks to least important.

  • With a list in mind and a set goal, it makes you more efficient as a person and you will grow everyday!




  1. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

  • The more successful you are, the more demands you have on your time.

  • Be mindful of what you want to achieve, and set your target on it, work diligently to work towards that goal!

  • Pick your battles and learn to say no to people, and to projects that are detrimental or would slow down your own growth towards success!




  1. Reflect On Your Work

  • You should set aside time every week to reflect upon yourself and your work.

  • Think about what it is you did great, and what you can improve on.

  • Consider your work, how was your performance, what was great and what has room for improvement.

  • Note it down and effectively strive for better the next week. 

  • By doing this, you will actually improve on what you are slowly turning great into amazing, good into great and bad into good, as you slowly “level up” in life.




  1. Use Bursts of Short Energy

  • Do not work long hours without rest as your performance will drop.

  • Science has shown that the optimal time a human being can keep concentrated for is 90 minutes, after that your brain becomes foggy and you start to sub-optimally perform.

  • So always take breaks in between, you will realize that after a break your brain is fresh and full of ideas for you to work at an optimal level again!




  1. Work Out Your Body and Brain

  • Exercising keeps your mind and your body active, so exercise everyday.

  • With an active workout regime, you will find yourself with more energy to do things, you are more motivated to strive for your goals and are also more capable of doing them!




  1. Disconnect in Order To Reconnect

  • Don’t forget about the connections around you and the people that help you get to where you are.

  • Over the weekends or during your free time, disconnect from your work email or set specific times to check it.

  • Use that time wisely and spend it with loved ones, friends and family, or doing the things you love.

  • This keeps your relationship and mental health steady and great, as you don’t lose yourself in work and lose people around you by alienating yourself!