Eh, I scared no money leh in the future leh. How ah?

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by David Blog
Aug 14, 2019 at 11:32 AM
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HEY LISTEN! Did you guys know that more than 300,000 people in Malaysia have declared bankruptcy?  What’s even more shocking is that more than 60% of them are aged between 35 and 54 years old. #DISHONORONYOURFAMIRY

 We’re all going to be in that range soon, sei la! How do we prevent ourselves from being part of this statistic income always same, cost of living so high. Wat to do?!

Well, let me introduce you to the trifecta of financial security. We can essentially split our savings in 3 different ways. Short term, mid term and long term. 


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Link used the triforce to defeat Ganon, we use the trifecta to beat financial instability


Short Term

Most of us already have this since we were young. Any sort of savings under 1 year would be considered as a short term saving such as savings and currents accounts, cash flow and most fixed deposits. Simply said, you got go bank means u con7lan9firm got one lah. This is essential for survival as we use it for our most basic needs and wants eg. bills, taxes, groceries, entertainment, kao lui and such. We can think of it as our sword to fight our way through life and move forward to the next level.


Mid Term

Ah we’re slowly descending into unknown ground now! A mid term saving is anything that is between 1 to 10 years. It could be a unit trust investment, pennystocks, certain special fixed deposits etc. This one if you chinese, your father also got do one, you can ask him. This is money you do not touch unless in cases of dire emergencies. You can consider it our shield to protect ourselves from random heavy fire life throws at us once in awhile or when our sword breaks aka when our short term funds run out.


Long Term

Finally this is the one that is most overlooked. Our long term savings, which is anything above 10 years. It is basically property investment, EPF, forced savings, insurance and anything along the lines. This my dear readers, to preserve and grow our capital. Ideally, we never touch this till the day of maturity. If the short term is our sword and middle term is our shield, this is our castle where we produce more swords and shields. Regardless if either one breaks, we always have more for backup. It provides solid defenses if life decides heavy fire is not enough and sends a nuclear bomb towards our general location. Most people disregard the castle, and when something unexpected happens that breaks their sword and shield, they have nothing to fall back on, gg liao lo game over bo lui bo song. Our castle prevents that from happening. With this, our finances are certain and our short and mid term capital is nearly guaranteed to be preserved.


The perfected trifecta

With this in mind, we all can prepare for our future and be as financially stable as possible regardless of whatever unexpected events happen in life and thus make this an easier journey overall. Now go sharpen your sword, reinforce that shield and stockpile the castle and aim for the high score in the game called life! Jia you fight!

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