Learning How To Do Everything (With A To-Do List)

David Blog
by David Blog
Sep 11, 2019 at 12:21 PM

You know what is great? To-do lists. They help you stay organized and on top of things, and overall makes you a much more reliable person. Not many people like doing to-do list, but here’s a few tips you can use to be able to organize yourself and do everything!


  1. Make a list

  • If you're crazy like me, your list will have symbols (which only you can understand) and color-coding. 

  •  If you're not, it will be a simple list of things to do.Both are equally helpful!

  •  The important thing is getting those action items on paper and out of your head, so you can free up your mind to focus on other things.

  •  It'll also ensure that smaller tasks don't get forgotten—which can help you really impress your boss or be a reliable friend.



  1. Step-by-step

  • This one is of key importance. 

  • "Clean apartment" and "Finish project planning" are tasks that feel overwhelming, and I always end up pushing them to the next day, until it doesn’t get done. So I do it step-by-step to counter this.

  • If I see something on the list that's easy to cross off, I am way more likely to do it, for example…

    •  "Clean apartment" becomes a series of tasks (do dishes, wipe down counters, take out recycling). 

    • "Finish project planning" gets done little by little, be it specific tasks (contact Sha for booking venue/contact vendor for confirmation of goods and services). 

  • Sure, my to-do list may end up with more tasks this way. But I make more progress and feel like I’ve accomplished a lot each day, instead of feeling terrible for having failed to clean my apartment—again.



  1. Vary your tasks

  • Sometimes our generation gets bored easily, because I know I always do. 

  • When I make a to-do list, I like to mix easy and tough tasks as well as vary between business and pleasure. 

  • My Sunday afternoon list would probably look something like this:

    • Answer colleague's email

    • Water plants

    • Write RiceBowl article

    • Go to the gym

    • Go to Kedai Dobi

    • Go eat Mamak while waiting for clothes @ Dobi

    • Pay September bills

  • Honestly, it goes quicker than you'd think!



  1. Take breaks and reward yourself

  • Productivity is good, but feeling sane and not stressed is even better. 

  • Take a walk, watch your favorite show, eat some junk food. 

  • Some people like to schedule that: "At 4 PM, I'll take a 45 min break." And maybe that works for you.

  •  But for me, it’s just an excuse to lie in bed and do nothing the whole day.

  •  I like to say "I'll go play ONE game of League of Legends once I've emailed Sha and confirmed the venue and banked in the money." With an incentive, my productivity and speed skyrocket!


Also, every once in a while, give yourself a full evening or weekend off. Not worrying about anything—because you know you'll get it all done later when you set your mind to it—is one of the best feelings. Rest is as important as productivity!