Why I Kena Forced To Learn Piano...Then After That I Want To Focus Piano My Parents Tell Me Dun Waste Time! What la!!!!!

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by David Blog
Aug 14, 2019 at 6:51 PM

Have you ever wondered why your parents forced you to learn a musical instrument? As a child, always going for lessons thinking this is a waste of time. But did you know studies show that knowing how to play a musical instrument actually benefits your brain in many ways, such as….

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Processing and Memory

It makes your brain smarter better harder faster stronger!

 Studies show that learning a musical instrument and understanding music actually increases your brain power and helps you understand things such as math much easier, and students who have a background in music scored 40% higher than students who do not! [1] This is because in reality all music is math. So if you want to score better in math, tell your parents to buy you a guitar or a piano, haha!

Tests have shown that people who picked up music as an early age have higher memory and processing power than their non-musical counterparts. Thus, learning music also drastically improves your memory. If you think you’re too old and it won’t benefit you? WRONG! In another study, adults between 60 and 85 were given piano lessons. 6 months later, their memory improved, and information processing and communication skills also improved. This is because of the repetitive elements of rhythm and melody, our brains form patterns that enhances our memory. How cool is that! The study even shows that stroke survivors just listening to music helped them retain and keep more verbal memory, reduced their confusion and improved their focus and attention.

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Reduces Risk of Mental Illnesses

Yes, you read that correctly! It reduces the risk of mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s (老年痴呆症),  depression, stress, and even helps those with autism. This is because of the increased brain activity when playing music. It helps you grow you brain and allows your brain to make new connections. Why you think so many uncles still can play guitar and steal your girlfriend?!


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Basically, if you are familiar with bodybuilding and exercise, it is a similar case. When you exercise you build your muscles and your body, when you play music, you build your brain and it’s functioning power and energy. Speaking of exercise….

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Improves Exercise Performance

Just listening to music also improves your exercising performance. Don’t believe me? Have you ever tried to go for a run or go to the gym and forgot your headphones? Do you realize that your performance that day was not as good as usual? That is because music gets you into the zone and helps you focus on your task more efficiently. Studies have shown that just listening to music actually lowers your physical and emotional pain, which is why when we heartbreak we listen to music, or when we go facial they will play relaxing music.

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Makes You A Team Player

Have you ever heard of jamming? Well when you have played enough music, you will naturally want to jam with other people who play music. You and your peng yous gather together and play like a band. You all play together and work with each other to make great music, and having fun. Thus effectively reducing your stress and also trains you to work with other people.

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Trains Your Discipline and Patience

Have you ever saw musicians perform and think “WAH THEY DAMN TALENTED WEI!” Sorry to say lah, talent is only 1%, the other 99% is hard work. Behind every “talented” musician is hundreds and thousands of hours of practicing. Some of them practice until fingers bleeding you know! Think about it, if you are able to practice for so many hours and not lose focus, you become a much more disciplined and patient person. With so much commitment to something, it also affects your approach to other aspects of your life. 


Nah faster go learn some instruments, go tell your dad to let you continue. Btw, you can also use to kao lui, they like music and fast fingers. Don't tell my boss I wrote this line here. Shhhh!

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