Eh, I writing essay stuck leh, deadline is in a few hours, die lah!

David Blog
by David Blog
Aug 14, 2019 at 7:41 PM


You ever got kena that moment when you trying to write a report for work or uni, and then your brain kek and cannot move? Same la, all the time. Here is some tips on how to continue and not kena kek anymore.

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1. Walk around

If you dunno what to write, you even more stuck if you keep staring at the computer screen. Why not go and walk around look for inspiration? Maybe go look at some scenery, or stare at that pretty lady/handsome boy. Then all of a sudden it come to you like magic.


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2. Look at memes

If you want to be a xiao zhuzhu and lazy to walk around, then look at memes on facebook jor. Everytime I stuck also memes will give inspiration. Laugh a bit lah, relax bro nothing to worry about one, the flow will come. Plus you know what they say la, laughter is the best medicine. And when you kena block, you need that medicine!!!!


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3. Review your structure

Go over your essay, maybe review how you are structuring it. Sometimes you don’t realize your flow all off, that’s why it’s difficult to continue. What I mean by flow is your story got shun, got feel. Not like one moment jump here one moment jump there, people read also headache only.



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4. Play rojak

Literally write anything rojak it out, simply fang pi. Because sometimes your fang pi will come out with something very good that you wouldn’t have thought about. Seriously, this works!



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5. Kacau people

You see your friends and colleagues busy doing their own work, go kacau them. Just because you cannot work means they also cannot work, all die together hahaha! Joking, joking. Actually it’s good to go and socialize a bit, they might give you a good idea on what to write next.


I wish you good luck on your paper and hopefully can perform well with these tips, it may seem like I am kidding, but actually it is very helpful!

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