How To Deal With A Heavy Workload!

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by David Blog
Aug 23, 2019 发布于 6:10 PM

Hey guys! Workload too heavy? Feel like you are about to hypothetically break your back? Here’s a few steps on how to overcome that!



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  1. Prioritize Your Tasks

  • The more things you have to do, the less time you have to complete them all.

  • You have to accept this as a fact, thus do the most important tasks first before moving on to less important tasks.

  • Don’t put off tasks, when it is the next on your list, just do it!




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  1. Set Deadlines

  • It is advised to finish your tasks quickly and move on to the next.

  • Doing a specific task for more than an hour maybe a nice effort, but spending more than five hours doing the same thing is wasting time.

  • Instead of focusing on one task for a long time, try to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible and moving on to the next to easily meet your deadlines.



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  1. Stay Up-To-Date

  • Keeping track of what you are getting done each day can help you measure how much time you really need for a given project.

  • This way you will not feel too much pressure as knowing that will help you identify how much you can do in the future.



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  1. Don’t Be A Perfectionist

  • This does not mean simply “cincai” do things, but working on the same thing for long periods of time to make it perfect is not a good idea.

  • It wastes your time, and delays other deadlines you have to hit.

  • Keep in mind, great work is what you do for your clients. Nobody is asking you to be 100% perfect. 

  • Perfection is just for our ego.



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  1. Set Realistic Goals

  • Set realistic and achievable deadlines.

  • Do not give yourself or your colleagues unrealistic or impossible deadlines as it only adds to stress for everyone.

  • You do your job very well, but don’t expect others to do it as well as you do. Manage expectations and be realistic.