Are You A Busy Person Or A Productive Person?

by Chloe
Oct 11, 2018 发布于 9:22 AM
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There is a huge different between busy people and productive people. Often when you see busy people, they are actually accomplished little thing rather than productive people. Productive people, even they are all pack with work, we rarely see them being negative and most of the time they get their work done without any difficulties. Have you ever noticed it before?

Let's us see the comparison between productive people vs busy people. What makes an individual productive and go-getterr?


1. They set their aim rationally



2. Yes Man is not okay



3. Think before action


4. Do one at a time


5. They see thing on a bigger perspective


6. You're not responsible for everything


7. " I'm busy, now, then tomorrow blabla"


8. Fully charge!


9. Simple yet nice to-do list


10. Keep the door opens



*Source: Lifehack