English Bands Your English Educated Uncle Listens To

David Blog
by David Blog
Aug 19, 2019 发布于 5:20 PM

Hey guys, you ever heard your english educated uncle’s playlist and think “walao eh, what is this? How come so sa ki one this song?” But then you try to find also cannot find? Well here is an introduction to classical guai lou bands that will make you go….


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1. Dire Straits

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  • This 1977 band, featuring guitarist Mark Knophler with his special guitar sound can make you both bounce or chill out, famous songs include….



2.  Pink Floyd

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( Check the full albums out, you won’t regret.)


3. The Eagles


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This 1974 American band is a classic in most american households, if you have ang moh friends, and ask them if they listen to this band before, they confirm will say yes, songs include…


4. Eric Clapton

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Eric is also a world famous guitarist and known by most ang mohs, with his smooth guitar and amazing voice, his most famous songs are….



5. Billy Joel

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Something different, instead of guitar, Billy is known for his many piano songs, the most famous are…


Now that you are introduced to the classical ang moh songs, go and adventure and open a whole new world for yourself! Have fun listening, my friends!