How To Waste Time Effectively

David Blog
by David Blog
Aug 17, 2019 发布于 3:18 PM

Hey guys, do you find yourselves getting bored often, especially on the weekends when you have nothing to do? Why not waste your time effectively? Here’s 5 ways on how to be productive wasting time!



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  1. Learn A New Skill


  • Instead of lying in bed and wondering what to do, you could pick up a new life skill. Go play that musical instrument that has been sitting in the corner collecting dust. Pick up a pen and start practicing drawing or writing. This way, even if you’re wasting time you are growing as a person and picking up new things.


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  1. Cook


  • Too lazy go out for lunch? Don’t want to waste money on delivery? Why not try to cook that recipe you saw on youtube the other day? You keep telling yourself you want to try to do, but no time. Now you’ve got so much time on your hands, go make yourself that delicious home-cooked meal!


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3. Clean your room


  • While you’re bored and reading this, look around you. Is your room dirty? Why not just clean it up! Turn on some music, and spend 30 minutes making it look nicer and tidier. If you don't know how to organize, you can watch "Cleaning Up With Marie Kondo" on Netflix, she teaches you how to not be messy haha! At least the time you waste on it will be worth it for the 2 weeks until you have to clean again. You can be lazy in a clean room with a peace of mind!


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4. Do your laundry


  • Since you are cleaning your room, why not just throw your dirty clothes into the laundry and save time, less mafan later on. Waste time on things like this so later on you don’t have to do it and you can sleep or watch netflix without any worry or hassle!


Wasting time smartly with all these things, you can waste time less time later on and actually chill and relax in your bed and hug your chou chou watch netflix, browse FB, read ricebowl articles and memes and liking our page. Wah so much more free time!