So Old Still No Girlfriend?? HAHA!! Sorry, come I Teach You Something!

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by David Blog
Aug 21, 2019 发布于 6:58 PM

Hey bros, you still single ah? Still chasing that girl? Want to know what all the lengluis look for in a guy? If you have these 12 things, you don’t have to chase them, they will chase you!

Hint : You don’t have to be lengzai but that is a bonus!

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  1. Sense of Humor

  • Girls like guys who can make them laugh and smile.

  • If you don’t believe me why else you think some guys look like **** but their girlfriend leng until you also jealous then always ask “why him not me?”


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  1. Ambition

  • Have a good job, or at least have a direction in life.

  • Girls want safety for the future, if you have no job, no car, no money, how can she rely on you?


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  1. Good Dresser

  • Learn how to dress properly, don’t always slippers, pants and t-shirt.

  • Need to be a bit classy look more mature and professional.


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  1. Manners and Etiquette

  • Girls like guys who got nice personality and be a decent human being, know what to do, and how to act in public and in private.

  • Trust me, no matter how lengzai you are, if your personality like sh*t, she also won’t like you. In fact, a lot of people won’t like you. So try to be nice and cool.



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  1. Kindness

  • Again, be nice la, if you not nice, she won’t like you one!!

  • Kindness also goes a long way, not just for girls, but everywhere in life. If you are nice to people, they like you more and are more welcoming to you as well!


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  1. Chivalry

  • Know how to be a gentleman. Strong, stable and calm even under stress.

  • Basically, be alpha, confident in yourself and also humble to others.


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  1. Be fit

  • If your face not so nice, your body very nice also she okay one haha!

  • Actually if you are fit, she will also have the impression that you are committed to achieving your goals, and that's what they like!



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  1. Smell Good

  • No need to say girls la, we all like people who smell nice.

  • You don’t believe, then you think if a lenglui come at you but smell like chao taufu, you still want me? If you do, I “pei fu” you. You terror.



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  1. Don’t be a Sotong

  • You know how sotong alot of hands, like to touch this touch that?

  • Don’t be like that. Maybe later on at night can, but you dating that time sotong here sotong there you see she run far far away already.



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  1. Listen

  • Girls like to talk alot. They like guys who listen even more.

  • I mean even as us guys la, if we are trying to talk and people don’t listen to us, you like meh?