Change Your Morning, Change Your Life!

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by David Blog
Aug 16, 2019 发布于 4:26 PM

Last time, when I wake up for work, 99% of the time first thing on my mind is “I don’t want to go. I want to take MC.” Do you have this problem as well? Here are 5 easy tips I’ve found that help me dun so lazy ady.


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  1. Don’t set multiple alarms

  • Only set 1 alarm. Don’t hit snooze. When you hear your phone ring, you force yourself to wake up. After you get used to this your life will be much easier and you have more time to wake up and do other things. Then weekends only reward yourself, sleep until Monday!



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  1. Make your bed

  • You know what the first thing you do when you wake up? Open your eyes la, noob! Second thing is to make your bed. Psychology study shows that when you wake up and do this kind of simple thing, your brain will basically be like “oh, first thing I do is productive, and I complete it. Okay la, in the zone d, whole day I can do it!” So you will find yourself being more productive!

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  1. Go Exercise

  • After you done your bed already, you won’t go back to sleep on it. Later you mafan yourself, do so hard already make so nice, still want to mess it up. Instead go exercise, so you really wake up. Somemore you do everyday, you will look damn leng after a few months! 


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  1. DON’T eat breakfast

  • You always hear people say breakfast is most important meal of the day, but that is wrong! New study show that if you eat less frequent meals a day, your body will be healthier. So skip your breakfast and go for work, have lunch and dinner only. You will feel a difference, trust me!


Try doing this routine after you wake up for 3 months, your life will change for the better and you will be more productive and look very leng, your friends, family and colleagues will wonder, who is this? This confirm not you one! Then you can just guai lan them!