How To De-Stress Yourself For A Better Mental Health!

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by David Blog
Aug 19, 2019 发布于 12:04 PM

We all have been stressed out at work before. Nowadays people stress until they get depression, here at Ricebowl, we care about you and want to help you. Here are some ways you can lessen that stress and be happier and more relaxed at work and in your personal life!



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  1. Take deep and slow breaths

  • Breathe in count up to 10 seconds and breathe out. This calms you down like how when people meditate, they will be at peace of mind. You can also try taking a 5 minute break and meditating, set your mind right and think what your goal for the day is!



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  1. Focus on your work

  • Don’t think about all the bad stuff that has happened, instead, clear your mind and look at that computer screen. When the fingers start moving, and you are in the zone, your mind slowly filters out all the stressful thoughts, replace it with work stress. Then your time will also fly, and you get your jobs done quick so can faster go back and just recover yourself!



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  1. Take some time for yourself

  • Sometimes, if your workload also very stressful and everything in life is going wrong, if you keep working, you won’t be performing very well. Just like exercising la, imagine if you everyday every hour also exercise, your body won’t become strong, in fact it will become super weak because no rest and overwork. This also can happen to your brain and your emotions. Mental health is very important, please take care of yourself. If you really need it, take some time off to rest and heal, just don’t always keep doing and not working later you kena fired not my fault.


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  1. Eat some comfort food

  • Go down from the office, go to that nearest 7-eleven, family mart or whatever convenience store. Get yourself some comfort food. For me, I like to have some coffee and ice cream. Bring that 1- litre tub of ice cream to the office, dun care just makan. You deserve a treat! Doesn’t have to be ice cream also can be anything like your favourite food. As long as not durian please, dun make the whole office smell ahaha!



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  1. Play some games

  • Got some free time, maybe 10 minutes or so? Go play some of your mobile games. Sometimes it’s also good to release stress like this. For example playing mobile legends or PUBG. But also, don’t get too stressed out at the game la, when you got noob teammates, more stress ahahah! But on a serious note, most of the time when you get your mind off something to do something you enjoy, you can come back to what you were doing feeling fresh. Then you can perform even better!



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       6. Talk to somebody

  • If it really is too much for you to handle. Seek help from friends or a professional, talk to them about your problems and let the people that care about you, help you. Don’t fight things by yourself, there are people that love you that are willing to help you and make your life easier!


With these tips, you can keep the bad days away and have your own happy time, again readers, please take care of your mental and emotional health, live a happy life, we only get to live it once <3 :)