Which Career Path Do I Choose If I Want To Be Rich?

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by David Blog
Aug 19, 2019 发布于 1:02 PM

Hey guys, are you wondering what career path has the highest potential for income? Here’s a quick answer for you : 




Why is this?

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  1. Unlimited potential

  • Because you are earning by commission, you have an unlimited potential of income per month. The harder you work, the more money you earn. 


  • For example, did you know that insurance agents earn 100% of the first premium paid as commission over the course of 6 years? So if you’re lucky and manage to make a million dollar sale, you have a passive income of roughly 13k per month over the next 6 years. 


  • If you are a property agent, your average commission is 2%, so if you manage to sell a house for 2 million, your income the next month would be more than 40k!!


  • The downside to sales is that if you don’t have a sale, you either have no income that month, or minimal basic.


  1. It is a useful life skill

  • If you master the art of sales, it is much easier to start a business in the future. As running a business is all about closing deals and getting clients, the sales skill set will prove to be an invaluable tool for a successful business. In order to get investors, you also need to be able to sell an idea, which is also where this skill comes in handy!


  • Most, if not all businesses are correlated to sales. As long as there is a product or service offered by the company, and there are customers and clients, it is categorized as sales. Thus you can see how impactful the sales line is.


  • It is also a good psychological tool as the art of sales is essentially how to speak, how to convince and how to push someone’s thought process in the right direction, and the direction that you want it to go!


  • Look at Donald Trump, he started off in the sales line. He mastered the art of sales and made a book called The Art of The Deal. Now he's the president of the United States and one of the richest men in America, because he put his ability in sales to good use!



  1. It builds connections

  • If you’re in the sales line, you are inevitably going to be meeting clients. A majority of these clients are actually people of social power and can help you in the future. Some of these clients turn into long-term friends. Thus, a whole new world of possibilities is available for you!


  • Through these long term connections, your future potential is endless as there are doors that you can enter which would not have been available for you if you did not work in a line where you are constantly meeting new people everyday!


So with all of these benefits, sales is a great career path as it not only has the potential to earn you A LOT of money, you also have the potential to make friends with powerful people in the right places, so that your future is boundless and you can go far in life!